6 Steps on Photographing Your Home

6 Steps on Photographing Your Home
It’s the quality ad photographs that sell your home. It is a great tool for the initial attraction of the applicant. It should therefore show the best out of your property. When viewing offers, a potential candidate has only a few seconds to be interested in yours. Otherwise, they click away and may not return back again. If you have decided to take photos of your apartment or house without the help of a professional, we will advise you in a few steps on how to do it.

1. Cleaning and decluttering

The property must be perfectly tidy. Try the so-called hotel effect. This means eliminating all personal belongings, the buyer or renter will definitely not be interested in those. In the bathroom, store away supplies of shower gels, perfumes or decorative cosmetics. Put magazines, stuffed animals, blankets and personal photos into closets. Create as much ‘neutral’ atmosphere as possible to make it easier for the person to imagine living in your home. Alternatively, use the services of home staging - professionals will prepare your property so that it appears as attractive as possible for as many potential applicants as possible.

2. Details

The pleasant atmosphere in the living room is definitely evoked by fresh flowers. In the bathroom, match the color of the towels with the overall color of the room. If the apartment is only partially furnished or even not at all, with these small details you will fill the emptiness of the space and give it a touch of home.

3. Take a picture of all the rooms.

Potential applicants want to imagine the whole property as best as possible from the advertisement itself. Only those who are really interested in the apartment or house will come for a viewing. So take a picture of each room, including the hallway, toilet, bathroom and balcony. Add shots of the house from the outside, the view from the window to the greenery, a view of the courtyard with patio or, in the case of the house, capture your flowering garden.

4. Main photograph

One of the photos will serve as the opening image of the advertisement. Upon this picture the applicant will decide whether to click on your ad at all. Therefore, choose a photo that shows the most beautiful space, such as a sunny living room with a new sofa or a beautiful view of the sunset over Prague.

5. Photo Do's and Don'ts

Follow a few rules of professional photography: shot in landscape orientation, not in portrait, in order to capture more space. Take a photo with the light in your back, never against the window, the picture would be dark. If possible, wait for a nice sunny day to have a perfect shooting daylight. Take a few pictures of the room from different angles, so it is easier for the applicant to reconstruct the overall impression. Be careful not to capture yourself in the bathroom or hallway mirror.

6. The floor plan

Your ad will look more credible if you add a floor plan of the property to the photos. The potential buyer or renter will thus imagine better the layout solution - the size and orientation of the individual rooms or the walk-through rooms. You can easily prepare the floor plan in one of the available applications. If the property is unfurnished, the application will help you add furniture for a better idea of each room.