Apartments for rent, Prague 9 - Libeň

Lihovarská, Praha, Libeň

About the project
The multifunctional project Loko Libeň, which is part of the Balabenka Point complex, will offer its residents everything they need in one place. Modern apartments, offices, a kindergarten, a cultural and café space, an art gallery Beseder Gallery or a microbrewery Kolčavka with a long history.

The project is located in Prague's thriving Libeň district. The location has all civic amenities and a rich social and cultural life. Within walking distance are shops, restaurants, hotels, schools and public transport stops. In the future, more rental housing projects will be developed in the locality.

A unique monument is embodied by the locomotive-shaped footbridge that will connect the project to the building opposite in the future. The locomotive is the work of well-known artist David Cerny, who has created works such as the giant steel woman Lilith supporting the Fragment building.

There are 17 residential units available in 1+kk and 2+kk. The housing standard is made of high quality materials and most of the apartments have their own balcony.

Real Estate Broker:
Pavlína Prokešová
+420 739 259 388

01291 1+kt 6. NP 54 m² 0 m² 54 m² Available 19 000 CZK
01047 1+kt 5. NP 57 m² 0 m² 57 m² Available 26 000 CZK
01063 2+kt 5. NP 57 m² 8 m² 57 m² Available 26 000 CZK